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"Widow" - Minimalist Super Hero Print. Comic Book Movie Poster.


"Love is for children; I owe that man a debt"

Rendering 3D spaces in vector has been a new challenge, I've recently noticed with my art style that creating interiors is far more difficult than exteriors because you have to think about how ceilings and walls work. If the subjects are outside, this can just be an open space. 

I think this is my favourite out of the Avengers prints so far, I'm impressed with the lighting here over all else.

At Geek Print all our posters are printed on the highest quality semi-gloss paper at 190gsm. This specialist paper has been chosen for it’s perfect blend of matte and gloss so your artwork will look awesome framed without the excessive reflection typical of other art prints as well as stand alone with a quality crisp finish. Posters are delivered in durable poster tubes and frames are not included. 

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