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Geek Print is a luxury merchandise store dedicated to bringing you the best geeky merchandise in the universe (second best according to Omicron Persei 8)

Based in the land of Hyrule, Geek Print headquarters is headed by me, the Super Saiyan cosplayer Chris Minney. The goal is to provide luxury posters, tees, and accessories for all geeks alike be them gamers, weeaboos, sci-fi nerds, or Pacman Ghosts.

Each individual poster is crafted from the bark of the Great Deku Tree using inks sourced from only the finest johto region Smeargle (who we promise are treated ethically), our Tees are weaved from the fibre of the most durable cotton seeds in the Green Hill Zone, and our accessories are all handcrafted by Goombas all over the globe dedicated to bringing you the finest quality products a geek could hope for.

Geek Print was founded on the principle that all the stories that shape our lives are meaningful, that’s what I want to capture for you. To create products that resonate with the heart and soul of these stories, to create art that you’re proud to wear on the streets and put up in your homes.

Every piece of work is crafted and refined until there is nothing left to add or take away, helping to create original, beautiful, and intelligent pieces inspired by the geek world.

Hand crafted, high quality, and highly affordable merchandise that embodies the nostalgia and emotion of our geekiest side, that’s what I do. Thank you for choosing Geek Print.

For order queries or any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me at ''